Grade 8 Math

Grade 8 (All topics)

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Rational Numbers
   Understanding Rational Numbers
   Standard Form and Equivalent Rational Numbers
   Comparison of Rational Numbers
   Representation of Rational Numbers on the Number Line
   Addition and Subtraction of Rational Numbers
   Multiplication and Division of Rational Numbers
Square and Square Roots
   Square of a Number
   Square Root
Cube and Cube Roots
   Cube of a Number
   Cube Root
   Exponent and Exponential Form
   Solving Expressions Involving Exponents
   Laws of Exponents
   Word Problems on Exponents
   Finding the Unknown from the Given Exponential Equation
   Standard and Usual Form of Numbers
   Operations on Large Numbers
Direct and Inverse Proportions
   Direct Proportions
   Inverse Proportions
Time and Work
   Percentage of a Quantity
   Solving Expressions Involving Percentages
   Word Problems on Percentage
Profit and Loss
   Terms Related to Profit and Loss
   Problems on Finding the Gain/Loss and Gain%/Loss%
   Problems on Finding the SP of the Article
   Problems on Finding the CP of the Article
   Problems on Finding the Number of Articles
Compound Interest
   Compound Interest Compounded Annually
   Finding Time, Rate and Principal
   Compound Interest Compounded Half-Yearly and Quarterly
   Applications of Compound Interest
Algebraic Expressions
   Operations on Algebraic Expressions
Linear Equations in One Variable
   Solving Linear Equations by the Method of Transposition
   Word Problems Based on Linear Equations
   Factorization by Taking Out the Common Factor
   Factorization by Grouping
   Factorization When the Expression is a Difference of Two Squares
   Factorization When the Expression is a Perfect Square
   Factorization by Middle Term Splitting
Playing with Numbers
   Numbers in Generalized Form
   Tests of Divisibility
   Replacing Alphabets with Suitable Numbers
    Introduction to Graphs
   Identify the Coordinates and the Quadrants
   Drawing and Reading Graphs
   Area of a Trapezium
   Area of Polygon
Volume and Surface Area
   Volume and Surface Area of Cuboid
   Volume and Surface Area of Cube
   Volume and Surface Area of Cylinders
   Mixed Problems on Volume and Surface Area
Three-Dimensional Figures
   Identifying 3-D Shapes
   Faces, Edges and Vertices of 3-D Shapes (Cuboid, Cube, Prism and Pyramid)
   Euler's Relation for 3-Dimensional Figures
Data Handling
   Introduction to Data Handling
   Frequency Distribution
   Bar Graphs
   Pie Charts
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